Kirklevington Primary School




General Information:

Voluntary contributions 50p per week.

 Home/school books please return on a Wednesday.

Donations of cardboard boxes, plastic containers, lids and tubes will be gratefully received.

Levington Bear

Levington is our Rights Respecting School teddy bear which is sent home with a different child each week. He will come in a ruck sack with his favourite things – pyjamas, toothbrush, story books etc. Please have fun taking Levington out with you or playing with him at home. Before you return him on a Thursday please could you fill in the form which you will find inside the green book.  Your child’s adventures with Levington will then be shared with the rest of the class.

Home/School Books

These books are an important part of nursery life. They help us to share in your child’s learning experiences at home. Each week you will find a challenge to complete which links to the early years curriculum. Please feel free to add your own entries like a picture they have drawn, a photo of a model they have made, a recount of a family trip etc.


Nursery News

This half term our topic will be based on the theme Pirates. We will be focusing on the seaside, sea creatures, ships and of course pirates! We will be having a pirate day during the last week of term.

In our numeracy sessions we will be thinking about representing numbers both with fingers and with marks on paper. We will also be using positional language. You could help your child by encouraging them to use the vocabulary in front, behind, next to, on top etc. Also you could sing numbers rhymes like 1,2,3,4.5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive, encouraging your child to put up their fingers as they say the numbers.

During our phonic sessions we will be raising the children’s awareness of alliteration. We will be sharing alliterative books, rhymes and poems. We will encourage them to hear the sounds at the beginning of words. You could help your child by playing games such as I spy.

Those children who are starting school in September are continuing to learn letters and the sounds that represent them. We are encouraging them to hear the initial sounds in words and then to match the sounds to the correct letters. At the moment we are focusing on these letters: s/a/t/p/i/n /m/d/g/o/c/k and will introduce these letters over the term: e/r/h/u/l/f. Please come and speak to me if you would like any further information about our letters and sounds programme.

As the warmer weather approaches please could you make sure your child brings a sun hat (named) and has sun tan lotion applied before they come to school.

Thank you for your continued help with the home/school challenges- the children really seem to be enjoying these. Look out for more challenges in the home/school books this half term. Please return them on a WEDNESDAY. We really value your input and all the information you provide is fed into your child’s learning profile. Thank you to those parents who are sending photos via the link They are an important addition to your child’s learning journal. It would be really useful if you could just add a comment about what was happening or a comment your child made so that I can assign them to an appropriate objective.

Please could I remind you that children should not bring their own toys to school. These toys often get lost or even broken causing the children to become upset. We have lots of things for them to play with so please could they leave their own toys at home.

Lastly could I remind you about our voluntary contribution of 50p per week. This contribution is vital to providing the little extras that a new topic brings.

I hope you find this information useful and if there are any further questions please don’t hesitate to speak to me.

Thank you for your continuing support

Mrs Irvine

Mrs Begley