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Welcome back everyone! I hope you have all had an amazing summer and that everyone is feeling refreshed and ready to begin what will be a fun, engaging and ultimately rewarding year. Below is some information that you will find very useful about what we will be covering, within our curriculum, this term.

Our topics for the Autumn Term are:

‘Being Safe’, ‘Savage Stone Age’, ‘Wonders of Life’, ‘Christmas Around the World’, and ‘Let’s Get Christmas Cooking’.

We are going to begin the term with Art Week, where the children will paint personalised rocks (inspired by the book ‘Only One You’) to create a new exhibition at the entrance to the school. The children will have the opportunity to build on and learn new skills to create their own piece of art. We will then be moving on to our Savage Stone Age topic, where the children will learn about how people lived and their skills used for survival. They will discover what happened in the Stone Age, what the people wore, what they ate, where they lived and the differences between this period and life today. They will create their own cave paintings and make mod-roc tiles.

After half term, we will embark on our Christmas Around the World topic where the children will learn about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries and cultures. During this period, we will also be cooking festive treats.


To begin our topic-based English lessons this term, we will be reading and adapting ‘Stone Age Boy’. We will use role-play to re-enact the story and then draft, edit and adapt the story by implementing a change. We will look closely at how our chosen vocabulary can entertain our reader. We will then create an instructional text on how to wash a woolly mammoth. Leading up to Christmas, we will begin our Wonders of Life topic and focus on creating a narrative about endangered animal. The children will create and perform some poetry with a focus on animals of the rainforest. Within guided reading sessions, we will be looking closely at narrative features, making predictions and drawing inferences. We will be analysing specific vocabulary and looking at a range of grammar and punctuation elements to help us enhance our writing skills.


Maths lessons this term will start with a focus on place value and the four operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This will be studied in detail and returned to frequently throughout the year. We will learn how to read, write, round and order numbers that have up to 4-digits. Following this, we will begin to explore place value in decimal numbers, linking this to our understanding of fractions. Towards the end of the term, we will learn how to classify 2D and 3D shapes, based on their properties.


The focus during the first half term in Science will be rocks. Children will discover the different types of rocks and how they are formed. Children will compare and group rocks based on appearance and simple properties. They will learn how fossils are formed and learn about the contribution of Mary Anning to the field of palaeontology. Children will have the opportunity to create their own fossils. Children will understand how soil is formed and then investigate the permeability of different types of soil.


Within our computing lessons, we will learn how to be safe online. Children will research the Stone Age, and the importance of checking information accurately (this will be part of our E-Safety learning). From our research, we will create a Stone Age display and present our information to the class. The children will also have the opportunity to learn how to create animations through coding.


Our PE lessons are on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon (alternate weeks) and Friday afternoon each week and the school advises the children wear the school PE kit. The children will need to have their indoor PE kit in school at all times. The Friday session, weather permitting, will be outdoors so children will need to bring a sweatshirt, jogging bottoms and trainers to wear outside. Shorts, t shirt and PE shoes/trainers will be required for indoor sessions. Please refer to our uniform policy for guidance on our PE uniform.

Children should have a water bottle in school every day, which they are free to use at appropriate times.

Weekly Homework

The children are encouraged to read at home as much as possible (every night would be great!). This will enable them to build and consolidate important reading skills, such as: reading speed and fluency, ability to analyse texts and make inferences. Please sign your child’s Reading Record to show when your child has read. I will sign and write weekly, after each Guided Reading session.

As well as regular reading, the children should be practising their times tables often.

Homework will be set on a Thursday or Friday and will be due in on a Friday. This will include:

  • Maths or English to reinforce and consolidate work that has been done in school.
  • Research to support cross-curricular topic work.
  • Reading comprehension work – the children would benefit from sharing and discussing their reading extracts with an adult before answering the questions.
  • Spellings will be given out on a Friday and tested the following Friday. The children will be given opportunity, during school time, to practise their spelling words and will use the words correctly in a sentence to show that they understand word meanings.
  • It is important that children hand work in on time because this promotes good habits for the future and means it can be marked before the next piece of work is set.


If you have any problems or concerns, please do not hesitate to call in to see me or telephone school. I am thoroughly looking forward to this academic year and hope the children are too!

Mr Drake

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