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ELM NEWS – January 2018

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had an enjoyable, relaxing and joyful Christmas. It is lovely to see the children back at school looking so happy.

Below, you will find some useful information about our upcoming term.

Our topics for the Spring Term are:

‘Happy New Year’, ‘Under the Sea’ and ‘Wild, Wild West’

During the first week of term, we will celebrate the New Year by reflecting on the positives of 2017 and thinking about what we hope to achieve in 2018. The children will consider how their actions can have an impact on other people and create a ‘Random Acts of Kindness Calendar’ for the New Year. Hopefully, you will notice their kindness at home, too!

Throughout our ‘Under the Sea’ topic, the children will learn about major oceans and seas, as well as the geographical characteristics of particular oceans. They will also investigate how oceans and seas are used, such as for food, fuel, transport, tourism, minerals, mining and producing oxygen. In Art and DT, they will make a sea mosaic and design, make and evaluate a model aquarium. In Science, the children will learn about habitats and who lives there, focussing particularly on creatures that live in the sea.

Our Wild, Wild West topic will take place after February half term. We will use this topic to explore the lives of Native Americans and how they live their lives day-to-day. They will compare the idealised view of a cowboy, and what the reality of being a cowboy is actually like, linking this to the typical stereotypes that we have in our society today. The children will have the opportunity to research and create a dream catcher, based on the ones made by Native Americans. They will also investigate the food chains of animals and plants that live on the Great Plains.


The children will have the opportunity to explore a range of non-fiction text features this term, mostly linked to our Under the Sea topic. They will create a non-chronological report based on a sea creature. As well as this, they will explore the features of a persuasive text and use the computer to write an email to politicians and local councillors, describing what they think should be done about sea pollution and why.


At the beginning of the term, we will be exploring multiplication and division facts. This learning will rely heavily on the childrens’ understanding of times tables. They will solve time problems, using their knowledge of the four operations. The children will count backwards through zero to enhance their understanding of place value and negative numbers and will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of angles by drawing and measuring.


Within our computing lessons, the children will create a multimedia presentation about a particular sea creature using different computer programmes. They will also create a digital story book in a sea setting.


Our PE lessons are on a Wednesday and Tuesday afternoon (alternate weeks) and Friday afternoon each week.  The children will need to have their indoor PE kit in school at all times. The Friday session, weather permitting, will be outdoors so children will need to bring a sweatshirt, jogging bottoms and trainers to wear outside. Shorts, t shirt and PE shoes/trainers will be required for indoor sessions.

Children should have a water bottle in school every day.


For health and safety reasons, children ARE NOT permitted to wear any type of jewellery in school; including earrings, bracelets and wristbands. Watches may be worn, but must be removed for PE

Weekly Homework

The children are encouraged to read at home as much as possible (every night would be great!). This will enable them to build on and practise important reading skills, such as: reading speed, fluency, and the ability to analyse texts and make inferences. Please sign your child’s Reading Record, at least once a week, to show when your child has read. I will sign and write weekly, after each Guided Reading session.

As well as regular reading, the children should be practising their times tables often.

Homework will be set on a Friday and will be due in the following Friday. This will include:

  • Maths or English to reinforce and consolidate work that has been done in school.
  • Research to support cross-curricular topic work.
  • Reading comprehension work – the children would benefit from sharing and discussing their reading extracts with an adult before answering the questions.

Spellings will be given out on a Friday and tested the following Friday. The children will be given opportunity, during school time, to practise their spelling words and will use the words correctly in a sentence to show that they understand word meanings.
It is very important that children get used to handing work in on time and being organised for school because this promotes good habits for the future. It also means that homework can be marked before the next piece of work is set.

If you have any problems or concerns, please do not hesitate to call in to see me or telephone school.

I am thoroughly looking forward to this term and enjoying all of the exciting learning that is going to be taking place in the classroom!

Miss Freeman


These are the books we have chosen to read so far this year:

I wonder what we’ll choose to read next!

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