Primary School

Happy, Caring, High Achieving


Campaign Club

Campaign Club has been running successfully on a Wednesday lunchtime. It is completely child led from the planning to the delivery. Last year the children chose to focus on Animal Rights.

This year they are working hard to help promote awareness and make a difference to plastic pollution across school.

Water Week June 2018

Water Week was a great success. The children enjoyed learning about; water safety, how water is used, ways to save water and water in developing countries.

All classes in school completed a water walk where they completed a walk. The water walk allowed children to understand the difficult task faced by children in developing countries every day when collecting water. Children from Nursery to Year 6 carried buckets of water which the Steering Group decided should be recycled during our water battle.

The water battle was a fantastic end to the week and children loved the experience.

Campaign Week (Make a Change) 2018

All classes were asked to make a change for the better this week either local or global. The children in each class chose an area to focus on.

Acorn – Completed work around the shoe box appeal and collected items for a shoe box.

Willow – We have learned about being kind to everyone to make the world and our classroom a peaceful place. We are working hard on being kind.

Birch – We chose to help polar bears from becoming endangered by creating posters to make people aware and by writing letters to inform important people such as Theresa May.

Chestnut – Our class focused on the global goal of poverty. We created posters to be sent to supermarkets to encourage them not to waste food.

Elm – We learned about plastic pollution and created leaflets to deliver to the houses in our village.

Oak – In our class we started to think about plastic pollution and we are going to continue our campaign by writing letters.