Kirklevington Primary School

Children’s Writing

We have some wonderful writers in school. Have a read of some of their fantastic work!

The Witch of Grottle Woods

“Billy, after school, do not go anywhere near Grottle Woods whatever you do!” shouted my mum. “Oookay,” I replied, knowing that I most definitely would. My mum is a bit over-protective, though. She probably still thinks I’m a toddler even though I’m actually 13! Mum also made up a stupid story of a witch that lives there. It apparently had a long, crusty nose, an ancient but repulsive face, but her hands were the worst. The fingernails danged down to the ground. Of course, I do not believe this so after school, I ventured into the thick darkness that is the woods…

I met with my friend, Edward, inside the woods. We set off onto a picturesque hill where we sat down and chomped down on a couple of Cadbury chocolate bars. We were happily chatting when we heard a loud BANG! I then saw steam nearby and someone or something let out a bloodcurdling cackle. Edward and I looked at each other in shock. As we darted like cheetahs, we encountered a medieval shack with steam coming from the chimney and a large, dusty hole in the wall. “This was the home of the person who let out that cackle,” I thought to myself. Edward explained that we should go in, but I said – “Are you MAD?” He then said I shouldn’t be such a wimp, and he won. I then stepped foot through the hole…

“If I die tonight, Edward, I’m gonna kill you!” I screamed at the top of my voice. He replied – “Number one, shut up. Two, how? You’d be dead!” I felt like I was going to erupt with rage, so I walked away. “AAAAGGGHHHHH!” I heard someone screech. “Um, E-edw-ward? Edward, if this is a prank, you’re gonna feel a broken wrist!” Just as I spoke, a bright particle thing flew past my head. I saw a shadow of someone or something move towards me, and I expected to see a plump, middle-aged woman, but instead I spotted a young, skinny man wearing a mask. I then saw Edward, possibly dead, in his arms. “What have you done with him and who are you?” I angrily cried. I felt tears crowd behind my eyelids. “The question is…” The mysterious man spoke, but then hesitated. “…what have you done with him?” I was about to shout so loud the windows would shatter, but I fainted as a sudden force hit me.

I was woken by a strange tapping noise coming from the next room. “Um, what are you doing?” I questioned hastily. I expected no answer, but he responded. “Cannibalism,” he yelled. After all that Cadburys, I started to feel sick (especially after that sentence). “Ha! Just kidding. I’m chopping chicken.” He responded. “Oh.” I tried to move, and then I found out I was tied up. CHOP! CHOP! I continuously shivered whilst he stabbed chicken over and over again. After what seemed like three hours, he finally came through with a tray of raw chicken. “Do you like chicken?” he asked.                                                                                                          “Ehhh, I guess?” I replied. I then realised what I replied sounded like a question. He raised an eyebrow, then exclaimed – “Good!” and threw a large piece at my face, covering me in putrid blood. He randomly said – “who do you think I am?” I shrugged my shoulders so he revealed who he truly was.

“Dad!” I exclaimed happily, and he seemed happy too. I couldn’t believe it! My father is back. But then I got suspicious. “But why did you kill Edward?” His smile disappeared as he stood up “Foolish girl.” He spat. There was a billion questions buzzing around in my head I could ask him, mainly; why did he call me foolish? I spoke my main question. “Why did you call me foolish?” he ignored me, walked away and picked up something shiny. He walked back with a terrifying grin on his face. At first I was confused, but then I understood. He walked towards me and a wave of fear washed over me…

By Jacob Atkin, Year 5


Esme Sparkles – A Character Description

Esme Sparkles is an extremely rare bedtime dream character. She is found in various places, which are incredibly hard for mere humans to find.

Would you be amazed if you met such a unique creature? You might meet her in your most extraordinary dreams, full of confetti cupcakes, dancing and singing unicorns and sparkly sprinkles. She wears a pink-metallic ring with multi-coloured polka dots on it. It transforms her from a human to herself, when she takes the ring off. Brightly, her rainbow magic top (which you can see from a mile away) shines and can only be seen by sweet creatures of the traditional variety. She is very pretty; her sweet, heart-shaped face is always smiling cheerfully. Her silky-blonde, beautiful hair, with electric-blue ends, sways swiftly as she flies in the moon-lit sapphire sky. At the stroke of midnight, she grants every young child’s wish. She has a hot pink unicorn horn with mint blue zig-zags on it – the source to her powers, which she proudly displays majestically on the top of her head.

One of the things makes that Esme extremely light-hearted is when she sees the delighted faces on little children, which fills her with sparkles! The most amazing thing about Esme Sparkles is if you see her in your dream, you will never have a nightmare again. However, for this reason, she has become nearly impossible to find!

By Gracie McEnaney, Year 6


Where is My Water?


Deep inside the African plains, no water.

Desperation eats away at me.

Where is the water?

Where, where, where?

No-one knows.

I long for a rushing river cascading down bravely.

Drip-drop, drip-drop.

Will our hallucinations come true?

We will breathe our last…


A miracle is needed, yes we do.

The sea of desire should be here,

charging through and saying, “I’m here!”

Where is my water?

No-one knows.

We are as still as the sea: bored.

I long for: Splish, splash, splish, splash.

We should be seeing water – flowing, flowing, flowing.

A hero is needed to save us from dehydration.

If only, we would have a better life…

Where is my water?

Where, where, where? No-one knows.


O how I wish it was not parched.

Water dejects us; why? We are feeling very lonely.

We are ready to pass on.

Where is my water like a white blanket?

Where, where, where?

No-one knows.


The water should be swiftly coming down the stream by now.

Where is my water?

Where, where, where?

No-one knows.


Deep inside the African plains, no water.

Where is my water?

Where, where, where?

No-one knows.

But wait…

Somebody is shouting, “WATER! WATER! WATER!”

Our dreams have been met!

Where is my water?

Where, where, where?

Our water is right here!


By Cole Edwards, Year 6


The Battlefield


The war had started,

Loud gun shots blasted over my head with a bang.

I missed my family, I missed them very much,

The heavy guns dragged me down, down to the muddy ground.

I clambered clumsily about the filthy trench

Like something was haunting me, haunting.

Every time I shoot a bullet, the gun jolts.

They chased us, chased us like hungry wolves after their prey,

It felt like we were just were they wanted us.

Thunder grumbled in the night sky,

My home, the battlefield, was a prison.

A prison to me, crimson red blood marched down, down my cheek.

The pain, the pain, my heart wouldn’t take it much longer,

It was going to rip out through my flesh and bones.

The war was at an end but not in my heart.

By Oliver Dodds, Year 6