Kirklevington Primary School

Children’s Work

Following the Harvest Assembly on 7th October 2015, the children in Oak class wrote some poetry:

The Best Season

Harvest is a wonderful time of year,

A time for thanks and happiness.

The corn sways in the autumn wind whispering,” Pick me!”

Fresh fruit picked and eaten.

Super squirrels gather all the acorns,

And hedgehogs hibernate for the long long winter.

Truck divers driving all the night,

Just to give us food.

The birds love harvest,

After the crops have been harvested, worms emerge.

Dew on the delicate cobwebs,

And the spiders that make them.

Conkers as ripe as fruit.

Harvest is a dinner plate for the whole world to share,

We give juicy fruit and tasty vegetables.

Thank you for harvest simply the best time of year,

Thank you for – a time that we can share.

By Anna


A Harvest of Happiness

Dew drips from spider webs, glistening in the pearl-grey autumnal sky,

Usually, it rains in harvest time, when the desperate clouds feel the need to cry.

Leaves fall from the trees blowing in a wild hurricane,

All I can do is wish that I could join in their fun little game.

The flaming red harvest moon, the giant of the night sky,

I watch the gorgeous robins, and I wish that I could fly.

The red, roaring combine harvester, mowing the sandy-yellow corn in the field,

While the pumpkin sun sets close behind, a glowing, orange shield.

It’s a harvest of happiness, a harvest I adore,

While leaves that are garnet red, syrup brown and sunny yellow cover all the floor.

Thank you, lord, for all our fresh food, the earth is a great feast we share,

Harvest time isn’t only beautiful, it’s a time where we show that we care.

Now, magical, sherbet- frost dusts everything, the dew only like a fairy’s tear,

Harvest time has bluntly ended, so I’ll patiently wait till next year.

By Belle


Harvest fascinates me!

Deciduous trees with astonishing leaves

Crunching like a crisp on my feet,

Harvest fascinates, me!

The dewy grass,

All the chestnut-brown conkers you pass,

Calling my name to start a fight,

Even though I know it’s not right,

Harvest fascinates, me!

I’m eager to see the harvest moon,

It’s stunning, like a red balloon,

I would love to see it soon,

Harvest fascinates, me!

I love spectacular harvest creatures,

Hibernating hedgehogs in crackling leaves,

Harvest fascinates, me!

I despise of the freezing weather,

I wish it could be missed

I turn into a block of ice it feels anything but nice,

It’s bitter and crisp,

I’m really, really grateful for a wonderful harvest! J

By: Jim


Harvest time

By Jenson

Thank you for the colourful leaves falling off the trees

Gently hitting the damp ground.

Thank you for the juicy fruit and healthy vegetables the people travel miles to deliver to us.

Thank you for the terrific tractors that plant the wheat seeds tidily.

Thank you for the dark black, nights and the short sweet days that autumn brings.

Thank you for the busy birds, fluttering calmly like bubbly butterflies.

Thanks you for the conkers, conkers cracking open after dropping dangerously into the dusty dirt.

Thank you for the small, cute squirrels that wonder around speedily looking for nuts.

Harvest Time

Trees wave and whisper in the draught,

As you bolt through the long, thin forest grass,

As soft as a pillow, the emerald-green leaves have come to pass,

Replaced by crackling cold-clay browns and blood-mixed reds,

Trees one proud and full of hope,

Now deciduous, a hope of leaves, not a chance,

The beautiful harvest moon, huge in the night’s sky,

Shines flame-red, a glittering jewelled delight,

The moonlit mountain streams,

Run like pools of melting, shining silver,

Dragging a frozen finger over the dew-dipped cobwebs,

Glimmering like bright white stars,

The corn-coloured combine harvester harvesting the wheat

Working in the field spitting out corn till past day-break.

 by Maddie


Out the window

The harvest leaves, glistening with gold, fall down from the chestnut-brown trees

Squirrels darting past my window like a flash of lightning

Sweetly and hungrily, hibernating hedgehogs scavenge for food

The adventurous rain trickled down my foggy window pain

Suddenly, a round, fat, silky conker falls from the trees and starts bouncing around like a clown

The whistling wind, swirling around the dark, crunchy leaves,

While the miniature, scarlet-red fox howls like a wolf

Over comes a steaming cup of hot chocolate with two fluffy marshmallows as white as snow

The shiny web in the corner of my window glimmers and glows like a diamond

Fir cones scattered among the fallen leaves

Puddles of mud with little frogs hopping around

Ladybirds fly from leaf to leaf hanging on with their tiny legs

Eerie bats flying all around, swooping down for food

A giant, flame moon looking over the world with a big bright smile

Finally the sun rises and the wind blows harvest is over but it will come again soon

By Samuel