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Sports Funding

Sports Premium Funding at Kirklevington Primary:

Introduction The Primary PE and Sport Premium was launched by the Government in April 2013.  It is ring-fenced funding to be used by the school to improve the quality and breadth of our PE and sport provision. In academic year 2016/17, Kirklevington Primary School received £8526.  Using this funding has enabled us to achieve the 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 Sainsbury’s Games Gold Kite Mark for Sport in Schools.  We were very proud to be the only Stockton school to achieve Gold for 2013-14.

Priorities Having undertaken an audit, and listened to pupils’ and parents’ views, we have allocated the funding to the following priority areas.


Reporting Impact 2018-19 (1)

Reporting Impact Sports Premium Funding  2017-18

Sports Premium 2016-17


PE lessons

PE sessions Y1-6 – Tuesday afternoon

Y4-6 – Friday pm – Danny

EYFS – Wed am – Balance Bikes (Autumn term)  Yoga Bugs (Spring term) Mini Messe Football (Summer term)

After School Sporting Activities 2019:

Monday – Film and Games Rec-6

Tuesday – Multi-Sport (Miss Duffy) Y1-6

Wednesday – Gymnastics (Glen Smith) Y1-6

Thursday – Dance (Miss York) YRec-6

Friday – Football (Danny Fowler)  Y1-6

Sporting Event or Competition Dates How did we do?
Year 6 Level 2 Cycling 12th-16th September 2016 “On the 12th of September year 6 started their level 2 cycle proficiency . We did various tasks and skills including: U turns, signalling , how to be safe around crossroads and T junctions. We cycled in all conditions wet, warm and cold. Everyone really enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to future adventures.” By Marley and Seth, Year 6.
Sports Crew Training 20th September 2016  
Nursery Balance Bikes 21st September 2016 for 6 sessions On Wednesday morning, Wheel Education came into school to start a 6 week course with Nursery using balance bikes.  It was great to see the children in the hall on their bikes, and some children have already been identified as being ready to move onto riding with pedals.  This is the first time we have trialed balance bikes in school and we look forward to seeing the children’s progress over the coming weeks.
Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Competition L1 28th September Team qualified for the next round, 1st place! Congratulations to Ruby Wood, Esther Young, Marley Plant, Ashden Devine, Oliver Dodds, Theo Hutchinson, Alice Williams, Essah Khan and Millen Burnett, who won the first round of the tag rugby competition and will be competing in the Stockton Finals at Billingham next Wednesday
Wheelchair Basketball Coaching KS2 29th September 2016 Children experienced playing wheelchair basketball and have requested extra sessions.
NSPCC Danceathon and Obstacle Course 17th October 2016 We raised over £1400, whilst having sporty fun!
Year 6 Residential to Robinwood 19th-21st October 2016 “Robinwood was the best experience I have ever had!  You got the chance to experience some once in a lifetime opportunities!  These are some of the activities:

Giant Swing, Zip Wire, Caving, Piranha Pool, Trapeze, Climbing Wall and Crate Challenge.

We truly enjoyed it and would love to do it again.”  Gracie  and Faye

Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Competition L2 12th November 2016 Team won all matches, except one to the winners of the competition.
 Year 3/4 Sports Hall Athletics  16th November 2016 “Kirklevington took part in the athletics sports at Conyers Sports Hall.  We did lots of different activities, like speed bounce, chest throw and a lot more.  Then we swapped round.  There were a lot of races.  Only some people went in each race, but everyone got at least 4 goes.”  Lucy Stansmore

“At the athletics, I did a lot of races.  It was very good.  We did hurdles and the hoops.  We did 10 jumps with cones.  I loved the hurdles the most.”  Ben Ashcroft

“On Wednesday, 15 Year 3 and 4 children, went to the Athletics competition at Conyers.  We worked really hard to compete in different events, like javelin, long jump and sprinting.  Everyone had a really good time.”  Amelia Potter

 Dance Performance for Parents  22nd November 2016  “On Tuesday, the whole school performed a dance show to our parents.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  First Miss York’s dance class performed a spectacular dance to Mr Simpson and the parents.  Then Willow, Birch, Chestnut, Elm and Oak performed.  We thank Mr Simpson for an amazing experience dancing and to be able to show off our MOVES!!”  Gracie McEnaney and Cole Edwards!!!
 Cross Country Competion L1 11th January 2017 “On Wednesday the 11th of January, twenty seven children went to cross country and all did really well.  The weather was quite windy and cold and the mud was squelchy and slippery.  Amazingly, five people qualified and three people qualified as reserve.  We were all really proud of our team and everyone did extremely well.  By the end we were all very tired, but were pleased of what an achievement we had made.  We hope we will be able to do just as well in the next round!”  Hannah Takacs and Rebecca Whitehill, Year 5

Well done to all the children that participated.  Congratulations to the following children who were placed:

Year 3&4 Boys 2nd – Jude Burnett                             8th Reserve – Dougie Plant

Year 5 Girls 2nd – Hannah Takacs

Year 5 Boys 1st – Theo Hutchinson                            7th Reserve – Seth Cowling

Year 6 Girls 8th Reserve – Ava Stansmore

Year 6 Boys 2nd – Millen Burnett                               6th – Marley Plant

 Cross Country L2 1st February 2017 We had 5 amazing runners that qualified to compete in the Stockton Level of the Cross Country competition on Wednesday this week.  They conquered the muddy course, with 4 qualifying for the next round at Stewarts Park on 29th March at 1:30pm, by being placed in the top 10.  A huge well done to:

Theo Hutchinson, who came in 1st place in the Year 5 Boys!

Hannah Takacs, who came 4th in the Year 5 Girls,

Jude Burnett, who came 6th in the Year 3 and 4 Boys,

Millen Burnett, 10th in the Year 6 Boys,

Marley Plant, 21st in the Year 6 Boys.

 Swimming Gala L1 6th February 2017 “On Monday 6th February, six children from Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6, went out to Thornaby Swimming Pool for the Stockton Swimming Gala.  We all did very well, as we won all of the races except for two, which means that we might be through to the next round at Splash.  As well as our school, there were eight other schools.  We all had a wonderful time and we all enjoyed it!” by Chloe Ashcroft, Year 6.

The children did amazingly well.  As all of the Stockton Schools are participating in the timed trials across this week, we will hopefully find out about places and qualification to the next round soon.

Well done to the following children, who have qualified for the Swimming Gala Stockton Finals at Billingham Forum on 16th March, 2017 from 6-9pm.

Maximus Potter – Y6 Boys Backstroke,

Amelia Potter – Y5 Girls Breaststroke, Y6 Girls Medley Relay, Y6 Girls Freestyle Relay,

Hannah Takacs – Y5 Girls Freestyle, Y6 Girls Medley Relay, Y6 Girls Freestyle Relay,

Chloe Ashcroft – Y6 Girls Medley Relay, Y6 Girls Freestyle Relay,

Sarah Hall – Y6 Girls Medley Relay, Y6 Girls Freestyle Relay.

 Daily Walk a Mile Challenge 19th February 2017 – present  Lunchtime daily walk 5 laps of the footpath around the field.
 Gymnastics Competition L1  23rd February 2017 Well done to Florence Robinson, Annabelle Carter, Emily Redhead, Caitlin Anderson, Leo Hunter, Isabel Manders, Jacob Preece, Imogen Ruddock, Esther Young, Hannah Tacaks, Alanah Drummond, George Ruddock, Evie Manders, Megan Parker, Lucy Stansmore and Ruby Lamb for taking part in the Gymnastics Competition on Thursday morning.

A special well done to Lucy Stansmore, who won a gold medal in the Year 3/4 Girls category.

 Tennis Coaching Y3 for 6 weeks  20th February 2017 Year 3 had the first of 6 tennis coaching sessions this week, with Anne Clayton from Yarm Tennis Club.  This will be followed by a competition at Conyers later in the term for some children.
 Netball Competition L1  1st March 2017 We had two teams representing us on Wednesday afternoon in the Netball Level 1 Cluster Competition at Conyers.  Both teams played well, demonstrating great teamwork and enjoying themselves.  Well done to the Kirklevington All Stars team, consisting of Essah Khan, Alice Williams, Amy Walter, Rebecca Whitehill, Josh Cornfield and Theo Hutchinson and the Kirklevington High Fives team, consisting of Nathan Cornfield, Emily James, Imogen Ruddock, Will Parker, Sarah Hall, George Davison and Ella Ridley.  The Kirklevington All Stars came in 2nd place.  Well done to all our players.
 Swimming Gala L2  16th March 2017 Last night was the Stockton School Swimming Finals at Billingham Forum, which we had 5 children qualify for.  As we are a small school, we were able to allow younger children to represent us, resulting in Amelia Potter, Year 4 participating in the Year 5 Girls Backstroke and the Year 6 Relay Teams, and Hannah Takacs, Year 5, participating in the Year 6 Relay Teams.

Maximus Potter completed an amazing swim to be awarded the gold medal in the Year 6 Backstroke.  He will be representing Stockton in the Tees Valley School Swimming Finals on the 5th April.

Amelia Potter was next up in the Year 5 Girls Backstroke.  She made a fantastic effort and narrowly missed out on the bronze medal, coming 4th.

Hannah Takacs then swam in the Year 5 Girls Freestyle, which was a close finish, with Hannah coming 2nd and winning the silver medal.

Hannah and Amelia then joined Sarah Hall and Chloe Ashcroft to compete in both the Year 6 Girls Medley Relay and the Year 6 Girls Freestyle Relay, coming a close 4th in both races.

Well done to all the children who competed, it was a fantastic night!



Sporting Competition or event Dates How did we do?
Tag Rugby Year 5/6 1/10/14 Our team represented us well and came 3rd in the cluster level completion at Conyers.
Y6 Cycle Training   All Y6 involved in week long training
Football Year 5/6 22/10/14 We took 2 teams to represent us in the cluster level completion at Conyers. They played well and enjoyed the event.
Dance Display – children demonstrated their dance from lessons over half term for parents 21/10/14  
Key Steps Gymnastics 13/11/14 We had 3 teams representing us: KS1, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6.  The Key Stage 1 and Year 5/6 teams came 3rd and Year 3/4 narrowly missed out on 3rd.  Our children won Year 5/6 individual silver and Year 1/2 individual gold.
Y3/4 Sports Hall Athletics at Conyers 19/11/14 21 children participated in this event.
KS2 Cross Country 3/12/14 19 children participated in this event.  We had 4 children who qualified for the Stockton level at Preston Park.  Two of these came 1st in their races.
Key Stage 1 Sports Festival 3/12/14 Our Key Stage One children all visited Northfield for a morning of fun sports with other local schools.
 Year 6 Cycle Training 6/1/15-9/1/15 Our Year 6 children took part in the Level 2 Cycle Training every afternoon this week.  All the children made great progress with their riding skills and 16 children achieved Level 2.
 Sports Crew Training 23/1/15 Our Sports Council had an afternoon of training delivered by Stockton Sports Partnership.
 Level 2 Cross Country 11.2.15 Jenson and Scarlett participated in the Stockton Final of the Cross Country at Preston Park, both qualifying for the next round to represent Stockton.
 Year 2 Fun Sports at Conyers 25.2.15 All of our Year 2 children (and some Y1!) enjoyed an afternoon of sports at Conyers, participating in Frisbee, parachute games and other challenges.
 Swimming Gala 26.2.15 Year 5 and 6 boys and girls participated in individual and team events at the Swimming Gala at Thornaby Pool.  The Year 6 boys qualified as a team and 3 of them individually, to go forward to the next round.
 Yarm Prep Friendly Football League Spring/Summer 15  Year 3 to 6 have participated in a friendly football league each Wednesday after school, competing against Yarm Prep, Yarm Primary and St Francis of Asissi.
 Year 4 Sports Afternoon 16.3.15 All the Year 4 children went to Yarm Prep School to participate in a Fun Sports afternoon with other local schools.
 Cross Country Tees Valley Finals 26.3.15  Jenson and Scarlett competed in the Finals, both being placed 4th in their respective races.
 Year 3 Tennis Competition 15.4.15 8 Year 3 children participated in the Year 3 tennis competition, competing with children from the Conyers cluster schools.
 Swimming Gala Tees Valley Final 23.4.15 Dominic in Year 6 represented Stockton in the Tees Valley Final, swimming front crawl.
 Stockton Dance Festival 30.4.15  
 Year 6 Cricket Day 19.5.15  
 Year 5 Athletics 3.6.15  
Robinwood Outdoor Adventurous Residential 1-3rd June 2015  
 Year 5 Cricket Day 17.6.15  
 Sports Day 26.6.15  
 FA Coaches Workshop  30.6.15