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Happy, Caring, High Achieving


“This is a good school” – Our latest Ofsted inspection report can be found here.

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“The extremely effective and well-respected headteacher is highly ambitious and determined to continue to raise the attainment of pupils in the school further and improve their well-being. She is ably supported by the skilful deputy headteacher.

Recent and continuing actions have ensured that teaching has improved, accelerating the pace of progress pupils make in their learning. Achievement is good. Leaders, managers and governors have had a good impact on the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievement; the school is well placed to improve further.

The extremely able governing body consistently challenges the school and holds senior leaders to account. It knows the school inside out.

Children in the early years quickly develop skills that allow them to learn and play happily together. They make a fast start in their reading, writing and understanding of number.

Pupils’ progress from average starting points in Year 1 is consistently good and improving across all year groups in school.

Teaching is always at least good. Pupils learn quickly and show enjoyment in lessons. Teachers usually apply high expectations in all subjects and create a vibrant and exciting environment in which pupils learn with enthusiasm.

Teaching assistants are skilled in supporting the learning and development of individuals and small groups of pupils, enabling them to learn well.

The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils have positive attitudes to their work. They are very polite and have excellent manners. There are high levels of trust and care between everyone in the school.

Pupils feel very safe and secure because the care provided by the school is outstanding. They are very proud of their school building and its grounds, and of each other.

Ofsted July 2015.