Primary School

Happy, Caring, High Achieving

The School’s Ethos and Values

Kirklevington Primary School is a happy school with family values at its heart.  We care about each other, support each other and know each other well.  We share and take pride in our vibrant learning environment.  We have high expectations of ourselves and each other.

Our learners are confident, independent and intrinsically motivated individuals with inquisitive minds and personal aspirations to succeed academically, socially, physically and creatively.  At Kirklevington Primary School, we achieve our full potential and are fully prepared for our exciting futures.

We have a strong sense of community and are well-rounded good citizens.  We love to share our enthusiasm for learning with everyone, from parents to local schools, the village, surrounding areas and beyond.

Kirklevington Primary School: Happy, Caring, High Achieving

We all follow three simple rules – Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe.