Primary School

Ready, Respectful and Safe

Welcome From Our School Leadership Team

A warm welcome to Kirklevington Primary School from Grayson, Daisy, Lucy, George, Anastasia, Oscar, Eli and Osian, who have shared with us what it is like to attend the school.


This school is quite small so there is basically no people who are nasty or bully others. Because of this, it is really easy to make friends. There are always loads of school trips that you can go on. In class, there are always tones of fun lessons like science and art – we’re also starting to ride a stationary bike the distance of around 600KM as a fundraiser, which is so much fun! The classrooms are so colourful, as there are displays on almost every wall. The teachers are always friendly and will help you with everything, so you don’t need to worry if there’s a lesson that you don’t know about because they will help you learn it in the best way possible. Here, you will learn everything that you need to know for secondary school – even the basics of algebra! This school can even take your child from Nursery to Year 6, like it has for me! This school has given me the information I need for the next year and it has never disappointed, and I am in year 6! I find this school brilliant for all of these reasons and so many more!


I’ve been at this school for 8 years now and I’m safe to say it’s amazing. It’s quite a small school, so everyone knows each other and I’ve never had to worry about bullying. The thought of school may sound boring but truly, it is amazing! The school lessons are always fun. Even though I have a packed lunch, I wish I were on school dinners because there’s always stuff for different any allergies and taste buds. I think it would be a mistake not coming to this school. The sport leaders will do optional sports at break time for your sporty or not sporty kids and the leadership team (which I’m on) will always look after your child in the playground .I would highly recommend this school and I promise you will not regret it.


I love this school because all of the teachers and pupils are so kind and helpful. Although I have only been in this school for three and a half years, I’m so glad that I transferred here. Every day isn’t the same; it’s a surprise! We don’t just learn maths and English, we also do art, history, science and cooking. Talking about cooking… for lunch there are so many yummy varieties of food options to choose from. Every day, the Year Six sports leaders have an activity in the hall. At the end of the week, on Friday, there is a celebration assembly to celebrate all of our achievements. I would really recommend coming to this school.


I highly recommended this amazing school because the staff and pupils are fantastic. If you had been here for seven years like me, you wouldn’t regret coming here. I don’t even live in the village (so I didn’t know anybody) and still managed to make friends within my first day of school. It’s also bizarre to think that I’ve gone from Nursery through to Year 6 and haven’t once been properly upset. The pupils are so humble and welcoming; I’m not saying this because biased but because I truly think that this school has the best atmosphere in any I’ve been in. Each Friday afternoon, we have a celebration assembly (each class has three certificates: maths award, writer of the week and star of the week). I could talk to you for hours about this outstanding school but sadly, I think I’ve said enough. Thank you for reading this.


I love school because the kids and adults are nice to everyone. Every day is really fun. School trips are really cool and we go on a lot of sport trips in the different classes. Every Friday we give out lots of award certificates and prizes. All the kids love it because we do a drum roll to get the certificates. We love the dinners because we can sit with people from all of the other classes.


This school is amazing because its small and you can learn everybody’s name in under 2 weeks! The food is outstanding and the field is massive. With all the PE equipment, you can play whatever sport you want, from gymnastics all the way to football. All the pupils are kind, so you will be friends with everybody in a week or two.


Hi, I am Eli and I am the Rights President. I am here to inform you that Kirklevington is the best place to be. The teachers are the best (there is also Chocolate Fountain Friday, which your kids will love). Our field is gigantic – like the size of a football pitch. The best part is that the school is really small, so your child will love it. All of the lessons are great. My favourite lesson is PE because I really like basketball. All of the teachers try to make the lessons as fun as possible. Don’t get me started on the school trips! If your child is sad, I am sure they will make friends with the whole class and the teacher will help you. Education and fun is equal at Kirklevington Primary School.


I am the Eco-Warrior and my job is to make the school more eco-friendly by doing eco things like making a greenhouse out of used two litre bottles, making a raised flower beds and making kitchen waste into compost. There is an eco-team that bring their own eco ideas into the school. All pupils can also give their ideas though an ‘Eco Idea Box’, so all the ideas in the school will be considered.