Primary School

Ready, Respectful and Safe

Uniform Policy

At Kirklevington, we have an expectation that all children wear our school uniform.

We also believe that uniform should never be a barrier to learning. We will support any family having difficulties in purchasing uniform, please contact our school office: 01642 781261 or speak to a member of staff.

Although there are items available to purchase with our school logo on, this is not a requirement at the school. Uniform may be purchased from any provider.

Please ensure all clothing including shoes, coats and hats is clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Nursery Uniform

We have a uniform for our nursery children consisting of:

As nursery often take part in messy activities such as play dough, paint, glue etc. we ask that children do not wear expensive clothing. We are always grateful for any donations of old uniform.

Reception to Year 5

We have a uniform consisting of:

Year 6

In order to help Year 6 children understand their important role in school, and be recognised by everyone as having a responsibility in the school we have a uniform consisting of:


Children are required to change for PE and Games and need a named bag to put them in.

Indoor P.E. Kit:

Outdoor P.E. Kit:

In Key stage two, children will go swimming for a period of time. You will be provided with advance notice of requirements. Occasionally, we may go on a trip that requires specific types of clothing, e.g. ‘Robinwood residential’. Please speak to the school office if you require any support.

Preloved uniform

We have a small amount of preloved uniform available free to parents. We also accept donations of uniform that is good quality. If you would like to find out more, please contact the school office or a member of staff.


Children are not allowed to wear jewellery at school. Where ear-rings have to be worn children should wear studs. Ear-rings must be removed for P.E. and swimming by the children themselves.

Extreme Hairstyles

The school does not permit children to have hairstyles that could serve as a distraction to other children and are not in keeping with the ethos of the school. This includes shaved patterns, excessive use of hair products and false hair. The definition of an extreme hairstyle is at the discretion of the Head of School.


Make-up may not be worn to school, unless for themed activity days and a function out of school hours, e.g. a school disco. 

Nail Varnish

Nail varnish on children is not permitted.

Branded items

Should you wish to purchase uniform with the school logo:

How to order uniform from Elizabeths Embroidery