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How to order uniform

The wearing of school uniform is actively encouraged at Kirklevington and children are expected to wear it. The school colours are grey trousers/skirt, bottle green jumper with the school logo on and polo shirt.

In order to help Year 6 children realise their important role in school, and be recognised by everyone as having a responsibility within school, their uniform is a French navy sweatshirt, gold polo shirt and black trousers or skirt.

Nursery children wear a red sweatshirt so that they can be identified more easily.

Children should wear sensible black low-heeled shoes, not trainers, with indoor shoes for bad weather. Children are required to change for PE and Games and need T-shirts, shorts and plimsolls/trainers. Football shirts are not acceptable. A named bag is needed to put them in. Uniform can be purchased direct from Elizabeth’s Embroidery online.

Please name your child’s clothing, including footwear, and outdoor coats/jackets clearly. Items are sometimes mislaid and time is saved and distress avoided if the garments are easily identified. Remember clothes should come off and go on easily especially at PE times.