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Article 28: Every child has the right to an education

Intent: What we are trying to achieve in our curriculum?

At Kirklevington Primary School, reading is at the heart of all that we do. We encourage a love of reading and highly value it as a key life skill. We believe reading quality texts is essential for becoming a quality writer. Adults read a variety of high-quality texts to the children on a regular basis and we analyse a range of texts regularly to develop children’s comprehension skills. It is our intention to develop a confidence in children and enable them to explore their imagination that will then develop into creative and imaginative high quality writing. We want children to become enthusiastic, independent and engaging writers across a range of genres. We want to equip them with the necessary grammatical knowledge, skills and vocabulary to enable them to communicate effectively and imaginatively through writing, preparing them for their future journey. Writing is celebrated and displayed around school for others to enjoy. We aim to improve the confidence and competence of our children with speaking – as well as their listening skills.  Children learn how best to articulate their thoughts, ideas and opinions, suited to the context. Therefore, in English our aim is to ensure that every child becomes a reader, a writer and confident speaker by the time they leave Kirklevington Primary School – equipping them with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need for life.


We implement our English curriculum in Literacy lessons, but also within the wider curriculum. Our English curriculum is created, taking into account the voice of the children, so that they are motivated and excited to learn. There are purposeful opportunities for reading, writing and discussion and teachers use a range of resources to engage and inform. We use whole class texts to build our curriculum around and resources such as The Literacy Shed, Bug Club, Pie Corbett and Adam Bushnell to engage our children. We develop cross-curricular links with our topic work, ensuring National Curriculum coverage. The National Curriculum for English aims to ensure that all pupils:

We have daily English lessons, but in addition to this, we have daily guided reading sessions and phonics lessons. We want children to master the skills of reading, but also a love of books and an enjoyment of reading for pleasure. We ask our children to write regularly for a variety of purposes – to discuss, to inform, to persuade and to entertain. We motivate our children to write by giving them age appropriate stimuli and often a reason for writing, for example writing to our local MP, or published author. Writing is shared and valued throughout the school and the skills of proofreading, editing and redrafting are vital writing skills that are practised regularly and modelled to ensure our children are confident writers.

We also provide exciting enrichment opportunities, such as World Book Day, author visits and take part in Library events, to promote English skills and so that our children see the impact that good, well-developed English has in the world.


As a result of our English curriculum, we have children who are enthused both to read and write, who enjoy developing their imagination through narrative reading and writing and who are able to write independently and creatively for a range of purposes and audiences. They are able to evaluate their own skills well and love to share and discuss their ideas with others. By the time our children leave Kirklevington Primary School, they are equipped with the English knowledge, skills and confidence they need for life.