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Article 28: Every child has the right to an education

Intent: What we are trying to achieve in our curriculum?

At Kirklevington, we believe that physical education is a vital part of school life. Our intent is to provide children with the opportunities to develop a range of skills in order to ensure that all children are actively engaged and passionate about physical education, leading to growth in their confidence, resilience, leadership and teamwork skills, as well as supporting their health, fitness and well-being. We intend for children to develop the habit of a healthy lifestyle and carry this forward into their everyday life.

PE is embedded across our curriculum with core and foundation subjects including physical elements due to our aim for active learning to be a key part of our children’s education. We offer a wide range of extra-curricular clubs which are well attended and based on children’s interests.

We intend for the six School Games Values (Teamwork, Honesty, Determination, Self-Belief, Passion and Respect) to be adopted by all pupils to promote a positive experience for all participating in Physical Education, Games and Sport. This will build children’s life skills in order to make them good citizens.

We always intend to harness those who are talented in a specific area and offer them the opportunity to excel within lessons and through extra-curricular competitions.


Ensuring that children take a leading role in offering ideas, organising and delivering PE sessions tailored to their interests is important to us. We continue to develop our PE curriculum through CPD and pupil voice, which has recently resulted in us being awarded our Platinum Sports Award. We have appointed a sports team, consisting of upper Key Stage 2 children with an interest in promoting a wide range of sports within school. This includes children who compete at different levels outside of school in running, swimming, football, dance, gymnastics and other sports. Kirklevington Primary ensures inclusion for all within PE and promotes links between being active and physical/emotional well-being.

All lessons are linked to the six School Games Values and these are discussed before, during and after each lesson. This is important as all children should perceive success in sport through demonstrating these values, rather than if they won or lost.

We also aim to ensure that everyone has the experience of a wide range of activities which they would otherwise be unaware of, such as: wheelchair basketball, climbing and fencing.


Children will leave Kirklevington Primary School with a clear understanding of what it means to be an effective sportsperson. They will have gained experiences in a multitude of different sports and games. All children will be able to demonstrate the School Games Values across a range of sports and transfer these skills into their everyday life. All children will have been given opportunities each week to remain active through both PE lessons and cross-curricular links in all other subjects.

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