Primary School

Ready, Respectful and Safe


Article 28: Every child has the right to an education

Intent: What we are trying to achieve in our curriculum?

Our curriculum is designed to meet and address the needs of the children who attend our school. It is ambitious, inclusive, broad and balanced. It is designed to provide a progression of knowledge, skills and vocabulary with clear end points, at the end of key phases in school. The threads ‘Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe’ provide the intent of our curriculum design and are implemented throughout Physical Education lessons.


What do we want to develop in our children at Kirklevington?

What does this look like in our School?

Be Ready

Be Ambitious – aim high, exposure to experts and role models, challenge provided in teaching knowledge, skills and vocabulary

  • Pupils are encouraged to develop their own style and performance within a wide range of sports, building on the knowledge and techniques taught.
  • Children with a particular talent are encouraged and offered further opportunities to excel, within lessons and through extra-curricular competitions within our Trust, local authority and region – with the aim of developing them to achieve their full potential.
  • Children are given lots of opportunities to teach each other and develop their confidence through demonstrations to their peers.
  • Subject-specific vocabulary is referred to within each session and used within demonstrations and plenaries. Pupils use this vocabulary when practising the skills and in game situations.
  • We study role models within different fields of sport from all genders, races and cultures to expose children to highly talented and inspiring individuals/teams in different areas.
  • Children at Kirklevington voice their opinion on which skills and sports they would like to practise within lessons and also within extra-curricular clubs. This gives the children ownership over their learning within PE lessons and promotes leadership and managerial skills.
  • We provide a wide range of experiences which they may otherwise be unaware of, such as: wheelchair basketball, ultimate Frisbee, archery, climbing and fencing.
  • The children are also provided with memorable experiences by taking part in visits, sports festivals and physical activity.
  • Our inclusive PE curriculum progressively introduces knowledge, skills and vocabulary, with clear end points and expectations.


Be Independent – Prepared for now, the next steps and for life

  • We guide each child to develop into an excellent sportsperson through the understanding and practise of our six ‘School Games Values’ (Teamwork, Honesty, Determination, Self-Belief, Passion and Respect). These qualities are applicable to all areas of life and ensure that our children develop a sense of citizenship and into role models to others.
  • Children practise a wide range of skills throughout their formative years of PE and develop independence in practising these and organising themselves over time.
  • Children are given roles within PE lessons and can independently perform the tasks expected of them appropriately.
  • Physical Education is embedded across our curriculum with core and foundation subjects including physical elements, due to active learning being a key part of our children’s education; this means that Kirklevington pupils have the opportunity to be active in a wide range of lessons, encouraging the importance of being active in the next stages of their life.
  • Our pupils take part in a ‘Daily Mile’, which further promotes the importance of exercise and how it is important as our children begin puberty.
  • We encourage children to become leaders, both within lessons and within our school community. Children in Upper Key Stage 2 can become Sports Leaders. These are children with an interest in promoting a wide range of sports within school and also includes children who compete at different levels outside of school in running, swimming, football, netball, dance, gymnastics and other sports, who can offer their expertise to their peers.
  • Children who demonstrate enthusiasm or skill towards a specific sport or game are encouraged to lead and coach others during PE sessions, demonstrate new skills or activities and encourage others: promoting their leadership skills and mastery.
  • Our sports team deliver sessions to younger groups, assist with lesson planning, work with the PE coordinator to assess, order and sort our equipment and offer game opportunities during break times, which include children who find some aspects of PE challenging.
  • Children are encouraged to think independently and their opinions are recognised through purposeful questioning.
  • Assessment shows children have gained the knowledge and skills needed for the next lesson/topic/year/secondary education.


Be Resilient – confident, develop self-regulation, well-being strategies and be problem solvers

  • Resilience is a key theme within our PE curriculum, and it is highlighted with all lessons as part of our six School Games Values.
  • Kirklevington Primary School ensures inclusion for all within PE and promotes links between being active and physical/emotional well-being.
  • Pupils study situations where role models have shown excellent resilience within high-profile events and are taught strategies to ensure that they can be resilient if they are finding a particularly skill challenging.
  • Children are challenged through a wide range of problem solving games, involving tactical play, within the PE curriculum.


Be Respectful

Respectful behaviours – towards ourselves, our peers and others

  • The six ‘School Games Values’ (Teamwork, Honesty, Determination, Self-Belief, Passion and Respect) are adopted by pupils to promote a positive experience for all participating in Physical Education, Games and Sport. These values are discussed before, during and after each lesson. This is important as all children should perceive success in sport through demonstrating these values, rather than if they won or lost. This will build children’s life skills in order to make them good citizens.
  • Respectful behaviour and communication within all lessons is expected and modelled by teachers. Pupils are taught about the importance of respect within all sports, particularly between peers competing and towards the referee.
  • Children learn how it is imperative to respect others from all backgrounds and ability levels.


Respect rights -RRSA – Understand our rights, how they affect our lives and rights of children globally, celebrating differences

  • Children learn how people from diverse backgrounds are successful in sports. We study how background should not be a barrier to becoming a successful sports person and learn about role models.
  • We discuss and learn about how differences in sports are celebrated.


Respect the environment – our school, the community and the wider world

  • All pupils respect the equipment and area in which they are learning.
  • Children assist the adults with setting up equipment for activities and tidying up at the end of sessions.
  • Children demonstrate respect to their peers and adults from other schools and places when attending sporting festivals.


Be Safe

Keep ourselves safe – know how to report concerns and worries, including with friendships

  • All children at Kirklevington learn how to ensure they are safe within PE lessons. They know how to handle equipment safely and appropriately.
  • Safety elements of each skill / game being practised are fully briefed and modelled to the children prior to the activity.
  • If a child is worried when playing a sport / during a PE lesson, they know that they can speak to a trusted adult about the situation.
  • Key themes of communication, anti-bullying and friendship are promoted by all staff within lessons.
  • Bikeability is taught to Key Stage 2 pupils to ensure their safety on the roads when riding a bike.


Being safe in the school and community – Knowledge about, our families, the school, the local context and wider world

  • Children understand how all sports equipment should be handled and stored around school to ensure that the learning environment is safe and risks and minimised.


Being safe online –Using technology for the right reasons and knowing its limitations

  • Children follow our school rules when using technology within PE lessons. This includes recording videos of their performances.


Ensuring that children take a leading role in offering ideas, organising and delivering PE sessions tailored to their interests is important to us. We continue to develop our PE curriculum through CPD and pupil voice, which has recently resulted in us being awarded our Platinum Sports Award. We have appointed a sports team, consisting of upper Key Stage 2 children with an interest in promoting a wide range of sports within school. This includes children who compete at different levels outside of school in running, swimming, football, dance, gymnastics and other sports. Kirklevington Primary ensures inclusion for all within PE and promotes links between being active and physical/emotional well-being.

All lessons are linked to the six School Games Values and these are discussed before, during and after each lesson. This is important as all children should perceive success in sport through demonstrating these values, rather than if they won or lost.

We also aim to ensure that everyone has the experience of a wide range of activities which they would otherwise be unaware of, such as: wheelchair basketball, climbing and fencing.

Whole School Long Term Planning
Whole School Progression in Athletics
Whole School Progression in Dance
Whole School Progression in Games
Whole School Progression in Gymnastics
Whole School Progression in Outdoor and Adventurous


Children will leave Kirklevington Primary School with a clear understanding of what it means to be an effective sportsperson. They will have gained experiences in a multitude of different sports and games. All children will be able to demonstrate the School Games Values across a range of sports and transfer these skills into their everyday life. All children will have been given opportunities each week to remain active through both PE lessons and cross-curricular links in all other subjects.