Primary School

Happy, Caring, High Achieving


Article 28: Every child has the right to an education

Intent: What we are trying to achieve in our curriculum?

At Kirklevington Primary School, our Science curriculum has been carefully planned to foster children’s natural curiosity and excitement about Science whilst providing full coverage of the National Curriculum.  We hope to foster a lifelong love of Science. By the time children leave our school, it is our intent to ensure they have extensive scientific knowledge and skills to thrive when they move onto secondary school and into their adult life.  We provide a curriculum which develops children’s resilience, independence and self-esteem by providing plenty of opportunity for them to apply their scientific skills and knowledge during open ended investigations. We create an emphasis on children evaluating their own work and having another go to ensure they have the appropriate skillset to be successful and to try again when they are not. It is our aim to ensure that children are taught to question things in all aspects of life and have the knowledge and skills to find out the answers.


We have a clear and comprehensive scheme of work in line with the National Curriculum where teaching and learning shows progression across all years and all key stages within the strands of Science. Children have access to key language and meanings in order to understand and readily apply to their written, mathematical and verbal communication of their skills. Key vocabulary is reinforced and modelled by the class teacher, with the expectation that children use it themselves with confidence. Children will use a wide and varied range of resources to develop their knowledge and understanding that is integral to their learning and develop their understanding of working scientifically.

We have a clear and comprehensive scheme of work in line with the National Curriculum where teaching and learning shows opportunities for exciting practical investigative lessons within Science. Children will reflect on previous learning and cross curricular links will be made wherever possible. They will be able to build on prior knowledge and link ideas together, enabling them to question and become enquiry based learners. Attainment will be assessed each half term through related topic assessment tasks and, where applicable, links to Science will be made to develop the children’s topical learning.


Most children will achieve age related expectations in Science at the end of their cohort year. Children will retain knowledge that is pertinent to Science with a real life context. They will be able to question ideas and reflect on knowledge. They will work collaboratively and practically to investigate and experiment, developing team work and skills of cooperation and resilience. Children will be able to explain the process they have taken and be able to reason scientifically with confidence.