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Article 28: Every child has the right to an education

Intent: What we are trying to achieve in our curriculum?

At Kirklevington, we intend to model and educate children to use technology positively, responsibly and safely. We want to develop children’s understanding and passion for using technology for a wide range of different purposes. This includes enhancing their digital literacy, computer science skills and their knowledge of information technology.

Computing is underpinned within all areas of the curriculum and is frequently used within core and foundation subjects. We aim to deliver a balanced curriculum where technology is used effectively to support learning and provide children with the opportunity to try new things.

We aim to ensure that all children are aware of the choices available when using technology and be vigilant to the unknown when using the internet, social media, apps and gaming platforms. It is vital that we provide pupils with transferrable skills that they will be able to use later in life, especially when in employment and further education. We strive to develop technological curiosity and provided pupils with fun, inspiring computing links within our curriculum.


Within our school, pupils will gain experience in working with different types of technology. As the world is becoming more and more technology driven, our pupils must know how to use both tablets and computer-based systems to perform a number of tasks. We will provide opportunities for this. Pupils will use a variety of apps on tablets to complete coding tasks at different levels of difficulty and solve problems of an appropriate level. The de-bugging element of coding is important to each child’s development in computing coding. Pupils will also use apps to create and edit multimedia.

As job-transferrable skills are vital for children’s futures, we will use a combination of computers and other technology to ensure that all children are computer-literate, including the basic skills of typing and using basic word processing, data manipulation and presentation programs and tools.

In tandem with our RSE work, the children will all learn about online safety, particularly on social media apps.


By the end of Year 6, all children will feel confident in using a range of technology effectively and independently and have a strong understanding of the benefits of using technology in a responsible way. Children will also be fully aware of the risks of social media and networking apps, and know the appropriate actions to take should they feel worried or unsure. All children will leave Kirklevington with some job-transferrable skills which they will use frequently within their further education and employment.